Black Welsh Mountain Sheep are a small dual-purpose breed that provides excellent mild, sweet mutton and a completely black, dense, durable fleece. BWMS are small and easy to handle and are ideal for farms where their hardiness, good mothering and feed efficiency are significant assets.

The breed produces premium quality meat with a minimum of wasteful fat. It is richly colored and full flavored but remains mild even when butchered as mutton. Finished purebred lambs average 30–40 pounds carcass weight.

The Black Welsh is listed as a recovering breed with the American Livestock Breed Conservancy. Originally bred for the color of their wool, the development of chemical dye caused the breed to fall out of favor. Yet it is the combination of all of its traits—they are hardy, excellent foragers (they convert grass to meat and fat without any additional grain input), good mothers and the natural color of their fleeces—that makes them a perfect small farm sheep.

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